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KR 2016
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Zobrazit fotografii KR 2016 v plném rozlišení... Staňte se fanouškem na Facebooku.

spotter: Jiří Mařík | 28838 zobrazení

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2. Safety increases
Autonomous Mobile Robots are equipped with a variety of cameras and sensors. These cameras let Autonomous Mobile Robots to comprehend and perceive their environment. Autonomous Mobile Robots can then travel effectively within a facility without colliding with products, people or the infrastructure. Forklifts and other equipment that is controlled by humans, such as forklifts, have less safety features however they still depend on input from humans. Autonomous Mobile Robots do not have the same risk as human operators. Human operators could become disoriented or fatigued and cause accidents. Utilizing Autonomous Mobile Robots to perform tasks that can be easily repeated will allow operations to eliminate the risk of human error and greatly increase the security of the facility.

3. Quick Implementation
Autonomous Mobile Robots can realistically be deployed within an operation in between four and six weeks according to the requirements of the operation. This is especially true if the device will need to communicate with the software for warehouse execution and picking. Even at the very top of the line, it is still a short time particularly when compared with other technology. As an example one, a goods-to-person (G2P) system could take up to an entire year to be fully implemented.

4. Ability to Scale
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