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KR 2020

KR 2020
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spotter: Jiří Mařík | 19254 zobrazení

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2. Safety - Increased
Autonomous Mobile Robots are stuffed with sensors and cameras. The cameras help the Autonomous Mobile Robots to understand and interpret their environment. Autonomous Mobile Robots can then move effectively in a space without crashing into products, people or even infrastructure. However, machines operated by human operators (e.g. forklifts) are not equipped with as many safety mechanisms and depend on human input. Autonomous Mobile Robots are much safer than human operators. A human operator could be disoriented or tired and could cause an accident. Utilizing Autonomous Mobile Robots for tasks that are easily repeatable thus allows the operation to remove the potential for human error and drastically improve the overall safety of a facility.

3. Rapid Implementation
Autonomous Mobile Robots are able to be used in the course of an typical operation. It can take between four and six weeks, dependent on the specifics of the particular operation. It is crucial to remember that Autonomous Mobile Robots will require integration with picking and warehouse execution software. Although it is on the higher range it's a small amount of time--especially when compared against other methods. It can take as long as one year for a goods-to- person (G2P), system to fully operational.

4. Ability to Scale
Because Autonomous Mobile Robots are relatively easy to implement within the facility, it's possible to follow the modular deployment method, beginning with just a couple of units, and adding more as necessary as the size of your business increases and your requirements shift. This means that you don't have to spend in a large amount of money upfront. Instead of purchasing large quantities of Autonomous Mobile Robots it is possible to purchase one or two and later expand your fleet. Modular deployment lets you save capital for future initiativeswhile you review and plan your next steps.

5. Easy to Move Between Facilities
Some businesses may hesitate to consider automation alternatives, even though they know the possibility of moving to a new facility in the near future is likely. This reasoning makes sense. Why create a new system when it can be taken down in two years following the time when the construction of the new facility? Autonomous Mobile Robots could be beneficial in such situations to help bridge the gap. Autonomous Mobile Robots are easy to deploy and easily move between locations. This allows for automation even in the short long. Autonomous Mobile Robots can be a huge help for businesses looking to create an interim holiday business.

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