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converting Espda Auto to manual. Advice or guidance apprecia

PříspěvekNapsal: 21 prosinec, 2017 11:57
od Williamhawk
I have had a SIII auto since 1993 and want to change it to a manual car. I have
sourced a gearbox and pedal box and hopefuly the remaining components. I intend
to do some other engine out works so may as well do everything at the same time.
Has anyone carried out this conversion? Any advice or tips?
I know the exhaust is differnt but it is wider on the auto so can use it
Also the diff crown wheel etc has a differnet ratio but as i just rebuilt the
diff with new crown wheel etc I was intending to use it and see how the higher
gearing suits. Does anyone have the calculations for the difference?
Any other advice?

Please help.

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